The knights‘ tournament in Kaltenberg

Just 55 kilometers West of Munich, the world’s largest knights’ tournament conveys the impression of having been beamed back to the Middle Ages.  

Coarse noises resound out of the tavern, a motley dressed juggler demands applause, Thalers change hands, and directly beside the camps of Barbarians, Celts and other folks, a sword fight breaks out between squires. 

Knights engage combat, complete with lances and armors, swords and steeds. Fanfares, craftsmen, minstrels, quacks, fools – nobody is missing. 

Since 1979, this initiative of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria – who was fulfilling a childhood dream – has tens of thousands of visitors diving into a magic world, manned by international artists. 

Living workshops present medieval craftsmanship, and hustle and bustle reigns on the medieval markets and all over the 13th century castle’s grounds. 

A 2014 article by The Guardian