February 5th, 2021

The search for the source of energy of the future did not just begin yesterday: renewable technologies have already been promoted and expanded. In Bavaria in particular, other alternative energy sources are actively on the rise. One promising source is hydrogen technology.

Part of Bavaria’s new hydrogen strategy is the newly founded Bavarian Centre for Hydrogen (H2.B), which is located directly at the Energy Campus in Nuremberg.
From the automotive industry to start-ups – hydrogen maintains and creates a large number of employment opportunities in Bavaria.

Above all, Bavarian delivery traffic is to benefit – public buses and trucks powered by fuel cells are the focus of the hydrogen strategy.

In addition, green hydrogen from abroad is to cover Bavaria’s energy needs, since Bavaria itself cannot produce as much hydrogen as is expected to be needed. However, because of its industrial strength and the large number of research facilities, Bavaria offers the best prerequisites for the development of systemic solutions for hydrogen applications. Green hydrogen technology “Made in Bavaria” is to become the H2 seal of approval.