The Royal Wedding of Landshut

Decorated horse-drawn carriages surrounded by princes, knights, maids and peasants, in colorful costumes and waving large flags in Landshut’s old town. What is happening here? Celebrating the wedding of the Bavarian Duke Georg the Rich to Hedwig Jagiellonica, daughter of the Polish King Kasimir IV Jagiello – more than 500 years ago, in 1475.  

Since 1985 2,400 of Landshut’s residents have donned medieval costumes every 4 years. Playing a part in the Landshut Wedding is often a matter of family tradition, carried out from childhood and over several generations. 

On July weekends, the participating amateur actors slip into their medieval robes and transport the capital of Lower Bavaria back to the Middle Ages. Every actor has a defined role and must stick to precise guidelines. Glasses, watches or mobile phones are strictly forbidden: everything should look as authentic and realistic as if it really was the time of the Middle Ages. 

Several games take place in the tournament arena, in front of the impressive backdrop of the venerable Trausnitz Castle and Martinskirche. Stalls and taverns attract the 700,000 visitors to be part of a journey back in time filled with music, dance and more than 90 performances.